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New Years Breakfast Green Chili

I made green chili for scrambled eggs New Year’s morning.

When I was getting the vegetables together, I pulled the stems off the mushrooms and made a little mushroom broth. (About a cup of water in a 1 qt. saucepan). Then, I sautéed onions in good olive oil. Then made a roux by adding a tablespoon of flour to the onions and oil and cooked this for a few minutes on a very low flame. Stirring them occasionally.

About 15 minutes had gone by; I strained the broth from the mushrooms into the roux, stirred it until the roux and broth were one, and then opened a snack-size bag of green chilies that I’d cleaned and stored this past fall in the freeze, stacked a foot high – a half bushel that we hope will last until next fall. I first added the juice that had settled in the bag as they were defrosting on the counter, then chopped them while still slightly frozen. These went into the soup, and I worked on the potatoes left over from last night that I was cubing, then baking to go with my eggs and chili breakfast. That’s another recipe entirely, easy, and perfect when I sprinkle on Aleppo, Crushed Red Pepper Flakes from Savory Spice shop.

Just before I scrambled the eggs, I cooked the whole small crimini mushrooms a la Julia Child. She recommends you sauté them in a little butter and olive oil until the butter foams, not touching, not crowded in the pan. I used my French skillet and I can just roll them up the side and let them turn over. The second side being heated is the top so I can watch the stem side sweat and fill with mushroom liquor. When the tight caps are full I slid them into the chili. This vegetarian chili had the pleasant flavor surprise of a pork chili but instead of having a lump of tasty pork we had a buttery, more tender, and very flavorful mushroom.

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