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Cake Pop Birthday

January 2024

We were celebrating a big birthday with lots of people coming over. And coming at various times during the evening. It’s January so evening could be as early as 5pm. Guests that stop by after work, may eat the wholesome food and then want dessert before late comers even arrive.

How do you do the whole birthday cake thing with this kind of schedule? You make self-serve cake – or cake and frosting on a stick.

How do you make Cake Pops?

Make a nice chocolate cake – a simple genoise. 30g of butter, 4 eggs, 125g flour, 125g sugar (or less). Wait, make two. Make some butter cream frosting, or just cream cheese and powdered sugar. If you make butter cream you can use it to decorate the cake pops once they are dipped in chocolate.Let the cake cool. Break up into crumbs and add enough ‘frosting’ (the butter cream) to make them stick together so that you can roll them into balls. Use a spoon or small ice cream scoop or melon baller and make the cake into balls. Form then firmly onto a lollypop stick.

Dip each ball into a tempered chocolate ganache. This means melted chocolate with a little cream added, and never let get too hot.

And let the pops cool slightly. They solidify with individual character.

Then decorate. This can be the fun part, or just skip it.

For example, roll the warm pops in ground, frieze-dried raspberry powder. Frost with a pretty white icing, and or sprinkle with colored sprinkles and display in some unusually way.

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