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Spanish Tortilla

A tortilla in Colorado is a flat bread made of corn masa or wheat flour. In Spain, it’s a unfolded omelet or what I’ve heard called a Frittata.

The Basics of the Frittata:
Beaten eggs poured into a skillet, vegetables/additions added and it’s baked until the eggs are set.

Potatoes go with Frittata, much more than a delicate French omelet because I don’t have to ease the setting eggs over onto themselves, don’t have to worry about a heavy cube of potato making the whole thing a mess. For this Frittata, we added green beans, mushrooms, sauteed onion and a little cheese to the cubed potatoes. Five beaten eggs were poured over the vegetables, and it was cooked in a 350 degree oven for 15 minutes, then broiled until brown.

The final step is sprinkling with a little exotic paprika from Savory Spice shop. This frittata along with the savory biscuits served 5 easily.

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