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Hummus – homemade

Make a batch of hummus in just a quarter hour

hummus on toast



home-made hummus
Hummus in 15 minutes, dust with spice and a drizzle of good olive oil. Recipe on image click.

Cooking beans at altitude is difficult without a pressure cooker. At some level it is impossible to ever get a thoroughly cooked bean, particularly a dense or very old one. But canned beans have a canned taste that’s difficult to wash off, and with concerns about BPE being allowed in American canning while banned in Europe. We’ve found a solution: organic garbanzo beans ground into a flour and sold dry. The cost per pound is low, and with the quantity needed to make up a fresh batch of hummus is about 28 cent – for around  500 grams of hummus.

The hummus tastes by the addition of fresh lemon juice and garlic. And making it from scratch allows us to choose a good quality nut butter and olive oil. And our garnish of spices can be new and different with each making.

Serve with a little nice cheese and a good bread, toasts or pitas. This quantity is about 150 to 200 grams and only 1/3 of the batch made in about 15 minutes.

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