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Crepes – sweet or savory

Whip up a crepe batter and fill …

Crepe batter is easy to make in a blender or by whisk, and the recipe is basically: 1 unit of flour to 2 units of milk, started by beating 4 eggs per cup of the units (8 for a pint) and 2 T of butter, melted and cooled (4 T for a pint).

Mix the batter and then let it sit for about 1/2 hour while you prepare the fillings. Then, pre-heat the crepe pan, or any flat-bottomed pan or griddle — on about 5 of the induction stove. A thick pan will benefit from being heated for 5 minutes so the heat is consistent.

The batter should be spread evenly across the pan, and be quite thin. 1.5 oz of batter for a 6-inch diameter crepe. After about a minute, flip the crepe and cook a minute on the other side. If you are at sea level, 20 seconds per side may be enough. We’re at 7,200 ft. If after pouring in the batter I increased the heat to 7, the crepe was too brown by the time it was bubbled and ready to easily flip. Graham make crepes the same morning and used 5.5. After these couple of minutes the crepes can be turned out onto a plate.

The first crepes were put in the oven on proof or Keep Warm. When I had enough for everyone’s first crepe course, I took out the plate and filled each one with left-over chicken and small cubes of roasted potatoes that I had warmed in another pan.

The last crepes were left as batter in the bowl. I planned to cook them fresh and bring them to the table individual to each person’s plate, then let everyone fill them with applesauce and vanilla sugar scented keffir.

The savory crepes, when all were filled, were covered with grated cheese and the whole dish was set under the broiler until the cheese browned.

These crepes were served with a jalapeno yogurt sauce we made for Christmas with the garnish of pomegranate seeds and cilantro.


Just the Recipe

Making Crepes

all the ingredients

cooking a crepe quickly 5-6electric

plating the crepe

Filling the crepe

grated cheese on top

serving the savory crepe

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