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Cookie baking traditions

Rose Beranbaum’s Recipes

Christmas cooking baking was a tradition in my house when I was growing up, so I continued it when my kids were little. I’d invite over another mom and her kids and we’d spend the whole day baking recipes my mother had given me. Then an aunt gave me Rose’s Christmas Cookies. The author is Rose Levy Beranbaum who also wrote The Cake Bible. Our aunt took authors around Dallas when they were on book tours, so the book was signed in red and green ink. For years we baked frantically out of this book, and always thought that we were just to busy and challenged to find the chapter on cookies to make with kids, but a few years into this book we discovered that the chapter was missing and that there were two of a previous one.

This year, Martha and I, baked together. She made oatmeal candy cane cookies and I started in on a long list I had and then got sidetracked and made the crazy French macarons that drive me crazy. Martha meticulously shaped and frosted her cookies and then I tried to get her interested in making one of Rose’s Christmas cookies. “Do you want to make some Scottish shortbread cathedrals?” “You’re not going to drag me into your complicated world,” was her very wise answer.

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