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Super Bowl Special

French Football Fries:

These fries are so French. They’re exactly like the wonderful fries we first appreciated at a French ski resort. Out in the cold, you come in for a steak and frites, and it’s heaven. Then you find out these heavenly potatoes have been fried in beef fat. We decided they’d be perfect for the Super Bowl when every dish suggested seems to be filled with fat and other stuff not so good for anyone.

We’ve been making beef stock, so happen to have beef fat around — organic beef fat — and we brush it on our organic Colorado potatoes. They’re baked not deep fried. (Is this like shaving pennies from the national debt?)

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, so we’ve cut the potatoes and shaped them into little footballs. Brushed them with beef fat and baked at 350 degrees for 30 minutes until they were golden brown.

We played around with variations on the onion lacing theme. And, of course, added the best French sea salt.

Great on their own or served with the Beef Bourguignon made yesterday for a hassle-free, après ski,  Super Bowl dinner.

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