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Radish Breakfast

Radishes on butter spread on a warm baguette

First make the baguettes. This will take some thinking ahead. We are not people who necessarily write out our menus for a week in advance. We only do this when going to the store is a hassle. For years we lived in the small town of Crested Butte, Colorado and back then there was no grocery store in town. Grocery shopping was a 30 mile drive on windy mountain roads and weather conditions could make it dangerous to go on some days. Now, is another time. We put on masks to go to Natural Groceries, just a five minute walk, but a place where we come closest to other people. Or, we order food online. Times like this, it seems easier to make a list of meals for the week and make sure you have everything on hand to make all of these. You can see your weekly costs more easily with a menu plan as well.

Without planning, we keep to a few routines that make having fresh bread eaiser. I’ve written these in a category called Routines, under the comparisons heading, and here you’ll find One Dough: Many Uses.

When the baguette come warm out of the oven, have some great butter ready, and a few sliced radishes.  Sprinkle on some good salt, and you have a classic French breakfast, or starter course.

Modifications in these Times:

The radishes are micro greens in our garden, but we’ve fallen for the watermelon radish that is now common in the organic vegetable section of Natural Groceries – yes, the whole vegetable section is organic. Steuart likes  to add a drop or two of Asian vinegar on these so I need less salt to make the classic taste combo.

Cheese from Natural Groceries is not good – except for those from MouCo Cheese makers near Fort Collins, Colorado.  In this time of ordering food, we thought of our favorite cheese store in the city – one that is far enough away that we don’t visit often and we’ve ordered our favorites: Comte, cloth-bound cheddars, blues.  Cheese lasts and when ordering more than $50 from St. Killians the deliver charge was less than $6.

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