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Macaroni & Cheese BBQ

Cheese – grated Guyère – will melt into a creamy sauce to surround a mound of great noodles and easily become the comfort food staple Mac ‘n Cheese. Simply boil the noodles for about 10 minutes until they are slightly less than perfectly done. You can use the pan you’ll use for assembling the casserole to measure the number of noodles it will take to fill the pan. Dry noodles will be similar in volume to what the cooked noodles plus all the other ingredients will eventually be. After you slip your measured serving of noodles into the boiling water, oil the pan and add any vegetables you’d like to add to spice up the casserole – like chopped green chilies, onion or cherry tomatoes. For this casserole we used green onions and zucchini – both of which were cut to bite-size pieces and ready to be eaten when they are warmed. After the 10 minutes of boiling, spoon half of the noodles onto the base of add-ons (chopped veggies) into a pan that can be set on the barbecue.

Using a series of hotel pans that are inexpensive, made of stainless steel and safe to use on the grill we’ve been able to make many dishes that need an oven, but we are cooking outside, as you might want to do to keep your house cool.

On top of the noodles, layer half the grated cheese. Add the rest of the noodles, then lay the rest of the cheese on top and pour about 2 tablespoons of milk per serving over the whole dish.

This could be made ahead and keep cold until the grill is ready and dinner is about 1/2 hour from serving. When grill’s internal temperature reads about 400 degrees F, place the pan on the shelf of the grill, and left warm and the top develop a nice crust. After about 30 minutes, the top should be brown, and the dish heated through.

The Finished Casserole as Side with Pork Tacos

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