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Lamb Leg & Red Wine


Lamb, fries and salad

A steak cut from a leg of lamb, grown locally served with oven baked fries and a radicchio and arugula salad. Read on to see what the sommelier said, and note the images for the wine’s name and vintage.

Lamb was pan fried quickly, and a wine reduction sauce made in the pan. Fries were from a russet variety (from La Montañita) that was difficult to bake whole. This evening, the wedges were boiled first, then baked for about 35 minutes.

The salad was based on David Tanis recipe in the NY Times food section. He suggested a strong salad dressing to cut the bitter flavor of the Treviso radicchio. The dressing is one part lemon olive oil, one part Balsamic Vinegar and a squirt of anchovy paste. A crushed garlic clove is added to the container. Shake or stir well. To increase the creamy side of this salad, I added roughly grated Parmesan cheese.

Notes on the Wine

Origin: Priorat, Catalonia, Spain
Local Supplier: Susan’s Wine & Spirits
Varietals: Carignan (minor %) – Grenache – Syrah (from WinSeeker: a popular blend of three dark-skinned grape varieties used extensively in southern France (Languedoc-Roussillon) and the northeast of Spain (Catalonia). Carignan and Grenache (Cariñena and Garnacha in Spanish) are widely planted along the Mediterranean coast, while Syrah is particularly famous for its role in the wines of the Rhone Valley.
Color: Ruby
Smell: Alcohol,
Taste: Black cherries, slate

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