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Gyeran Bap

Egg Rice – fast from what’s on hand

An egg lightly fried in butter and soy sauce, made delicious with a pour over of sesame oil, is set on a bowl of steamed rice and garnished with a handful of dried seaweed pieces. And I couldn’t resist piling on the end of a clamshell of lettuce (local bib lettuce from Corralles, NM), matchstick cuts of daikon radish, toasted sesame seeds and celery. It’s what I had on hand. And quick, for a dinner I needed soon — before we would become too hungry to make good decisions.

According to Eric Kim, of the New York Times, this is a quick snack for Koreans with stuff that everyone has in their pantry. Like guacamole, chips and salsa to New Mexicans. To find his recipe look for Gyeran Bap or Egg Rice on NYTimes Cooking.

The rice takes just over 15 minutes on the induction stove. Set saucepan with 1/4 cup rice per person on power boil, with 2 times its depth in the pan of water (3/4 cup). It will be less than a minutes for the rice and water to boil, so find the lid now. When boiling, put lid on, turn to #3, set timer for 15 minutes. When timer dings, turn off timer and heat, then get making the eggs. Heat the frypan at #7, melt in it: 1 T of butter. Crack the eggs (one or two per person) onto the melted butter. Douse with 1 T of soy sauce per couple of eggs and let the whites rise. Chop any add ons. Drizzle a teaspoon of sesame oil over the eggs. When eggs are ready – about now – dish the rice into a bowl, add the egg(s) and pan juices. Serve immediately with seaweed on top. Stir in the seaweed and it will soften just the right amount. Add any other toppings. Pop the yolks. You’re eating now.




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