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Green Chile Stew & Mussels

Have the thought to add some shellfish to green chile stew?

Steuart has made a giant pot of green chile, with pork and onions mostly. It’s Friday, and I’m going to the fish department at Whole Foods for the $1 oysters, and I’m really craving seafood – more than the oysters, which are always a treat.  Some folks are coming over for dinner, but what could I buy in the seafood department, economically?  Mussels.

At first I thought I’d just warm it up some stew in a saucepan and place the mussels on top until they open. However, I decided to add cubed potatoes to the stew and that means 20 minutes of warming, at least.  That done, I then sauteed 4 cloves garlic and half and onion in olive oil in a wider saucepan. When aromatic, I added a thyme spring, 1 cup of leftover wine (a mix of red and white) and 2 T of finely chopped tomatoes. Lastly, I poured in a shot of tequila. Left this to simmer until I was 2 minutes from serving. At that moment I added the mussels and cooked only until they opened.

I did make a garnish of toasted breadcrumbs, grated Parmesan, and ground almonds.  Originally thought to make as a side salad of some chopped fresh tomatoes marinaded in white wine with fresh cilantro, some finely chopped squash. Instead, I chopped parsley and just used the garnish, and made a romaine salad with the fresh tomatoes, and cucumber.

To serve, I ladled a cup of the green chile into a round bowl, then scooped a pile of the mussels in juice on top, and garnished. One bowl meal for Friday night impromptu dinner party.


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