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Gabriel’s – North of Santa Fe

Date: 8/3/3023

What We Ordered: Large Guacamole, Shredded Beef Enchiladas, Green Chili Smothered Rellenos

Drink: House Margaritas

Notes: Red sauce on enchiladas was good, but not great. Two Rellenos was far too much to each, so one would be sharable if we made the same order again. The chili that was stuffed for these rellenos was a poblano. Very tasty chili, but the stuffing wasn’t a standout. The batter was egg based and wasn’t a fully crispy version. Beans and rice sides were adequate; also, but nicely, fresh corn cut off the cob was added.

Pluses: The corn tortillas were wonderful and the menu said ‘house-made.’  Eating here at 6p.m. on a Thursday in August, the outdoor patio was very pleasant, shady, and . Guacamole was made at the table, and was very good. Chips and salsa were free – not the usual anymore. Salsa was very good, but slightly sweet.

We were seated immediately and were served by professional staff. The entryway is nice, and there is a garden for waiting, but although the parking lot was huge, and quite full, there was no line when we walked up. Sitting outside was more popular than inside, but the interior was very large. This would be a great restaurant for a large party – where many places in town are even difficult for 6.

We ordered our basic order: enchiladas and rellenos. On the menu were several interesting sounding vegetarian plates. These could be very good because the tortillas themselves were very nice. And the enchilada red sauce wasn’t as terrific as hoped.



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