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Cowgirl – Music + BBQ

What the Cowgirls Do Right

Today’s music was provided by Half Pint and the Growlers, who quietly played inside, while we enjoyed a snowy March Sunday, lunch.

Nachos and margaritas are our favorite go-to menu items at the Cowgirl, when a quick snack is the goal.

In general, Cowgirl does great barbecue, and burgers, so those are often our choice if a full dinner is desired. If Mexican food is what you want, the rellenos are good (with green chilli on top) and so are their specials. This is not the place to order red chili enchiladas. Other choices are better, and enchiladas are better elsewhere.

Today, the Cajun menu they offer during Mardi Gras was available and we took advantage of it.

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