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Blood Orange Margarita

Blood Orange Margarita

First, we don’t have a kitchen. Everything we use has to be washed in the bathroom sink, and cooking done on a hotplate or the BBQ. Refrigeration is a dorm fridge – we’re lucky we had one. But the freeze doesn’t know it’s limits and is iffy for keeping frozen limeade.

This margarita is simple. Open a can of San Pellegrino Aranciata Rossa (Blood Orange) and divide it between two glasses. Add a shot of tequila, and one of Lillet (a French appertif) that will cut the sweetness of the Pellegrino.

I sliced a whole lime to give it more of a lime (margarita) flavor and when my ice cube hadn’t melted after drinking the whole beverage, I refreshed my drink with straight bubbles and a little more of the three alcohols.  If I’d made four drinks when I opened the can (in a pitcher – where did we pack that?)  the whole experience might have been slightly better since I like less sweetness in any drink. Give me wine not grape juice, thank you very much.

Since we are living as if we are camping – the fridge does plug in and is slightly less hassle than our Yeti cooler and, yes, we do have a roof over our heads – we are making notes of what we will do when actually camping this summer.  Usually we would make a stew, pre-mix a beverage and freeze it.  This isn’t happening now, but may be by July.

Instead, we’ve been sampling pre-made food from the likes of Trader Joes. Their red wine, too. But now we’re coming out of winter, and it’s time for a refreshing drink like this one. The tiny freezer in our dorm fridge will do one ice cube for each of us. A nice big round one – $8 for the ice cube mold from Lowe’s.  When we get a kitchen, I intend to make ice cream in this.

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