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Beef Rolls

Beef Stuffed with Thyme Butter

A butter made with fresh thyme, garlic chive from the garden and anchovy spread onto the  pounded flat beef flap, or skirt steak meat. Roll the meat up like a jelly roll, and tie with kitchen string.  Place rolls in a Le Creuset and add about an inch of stock (beef or vegetable) with some shallot, spring onion and garden herb like garlic chives. Warm the stock on the stovetop while your oven comes to temperature 350 °F.

Bake in oven with lid on until the meat reaches 125°F for rare. We serve these without the twine, next to a bed of mashed potatoes, and a saucy gravy made by thickening the stock in which the meat was cooked with a butter and flour roux (1 T. flour/1T. butter) cooked for a few minutes in another pan.


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