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Villa Napoli Pizza

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The woman standing behind the counter said the pizza was the best in town. Villa Napoli in a former fast food place was recommended to us by the nearby hardware store guy and he sounded trustworthy.  I am always skeptical if I have to order at a counter and wait why my drink in a paper cup is handed to me.

For the $1 tip given in advance she did bring the pizza on a steel tray with two paper plates stuck under it.  We were sitting outside, sipping from our straws watching the traffic go by on 64th Ave.

Plenty of spicy sausage, which was very good, was on top of a very nice, very white, light pizza dough.  The center was a bit running so it wasn't perfect to eat without a fork - none was offered. The crust had a little less substance and chew than some of my all time favorites, but cooked perfectly crisp on the edges. The tomato sauce was homemade and had a great flavor.   All in all a very nice pizza.

So, if you're ever between Simms and Ward Road on 64th Ave, and need good homemade food, Villa Napoli Pizza is reasonably priced and makes possibly the best pizza in the neighborhood, if not Arvada.