Cafe Pascal Words of Warning

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Do's & Don't's at Pasquals:

Café Pasquals. We'd been there for lunch in April and had a wonderful experience. Many times, I've waited outside for nearly an hour for breakfast. Everyone know Pasqual's grand reputation and one of our group had never eaten at this long standing Santa Fe restaurant right on Don Gaspar and Water St. So we go, midweek, June 2010.

"They're pretty proud of their breakfasts," said the one who was new to the place. The prices were shocking me, too.

I'd had enchiladas last time and the red sauce was wonderful. It was covering one half of the Huevos Rancheros one of us ordered with both red and green chili. The red one was the best half. The green chili was chilies only, not a real thing in itself. The black beans were slightly undercooked.

I had the Huevos with a Relleno. It was okay, a nice chili stuffed with cotijas cheese. In the interest of healthiness, it wasn't fried but baked and the batter was a little like a crepe. Not bad, but not the best choice in this fresh-oriented restaurant. My mistake. I think the waiter may have forgotten to bring me a tortilla ... as he'd forgotten that two of the four of us would also be needing silverware.

The chorizo burrito was good, fresh, probably local sausage and the roasted tomato sauce on it and my relleno was different - like a warm fresh salsa -- and very good. The toast on the traditional two-egg and potato breakfast was home-made, thick and golden brown. Raspberry jelly was high quality.  

There was not too much food, but after spending $20 per person, we felt this would have to serve as lunch and probably dinner, too.

Do: go for lunch in the off season. Order red chili, enchiladas, fresh vegetables, homemade desserts.
Don't: hold out for their breakfast, read their menu like you are in a Mexican restaurant, expect to stay on budget.

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