L'Asia Restaurant Denver

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L'Asia : Bargain Fine Asian.
A treat for MidWeek.

On Tuesdays and Wednesday nights, l'Asia, a Denver fusion-style Asian food restaurant offers 1/2 price appetizers. We made a meal of it. And these four choices went particularly well with the 'every-night' two for one Saki-tini's: Saki and match-stick ginger with some other additions that were not sweet, not too strong.

Green-lipped New Zealand mussels were baked with a light, slightly sweet and hot cream sauce, sprinkled with sesame seeds. The spring rolls were packed with shrimp, cilantro and rice noodles, easy to grasp and tasty with the slightly curried peanut sauce. Well balanced: taste and more. See picture below.

The calamari had a spicy breading that made eating the fried squid worth it. These were not tubes or tenacles but thinly cut strips of calamari steak. Consistent in texture and taste. Our favorite of the four hors d'oevres.

The crab cakes were the last appetizer we tried and was a little dense compared to the lightness of everything else we'd ordered. In all that gingery sauce, it even looks heavy in the picture. And when we we weren't saying 'wow' as many times as we had with the other dishes, we knew we'd had enough.

I'm looking forward to visiting this restaurant just across the street from Pablo's on 6th Avenue again, and giving the entrees a try.

The calamari -- lightly breaded, peppery with a sweet and spicy sauce. Sits here on a bed of edible, desirable greens with light-as-air noodles.

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